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Masha Kart is an Russian born, Ibiza based Wedding & Events Photographer, who is working in a photo journalistic style. Her Fine Arts and Design Degree is a key to a stylish, creative, dramatic, elegant and colorful photos of your celebration. She is fluent in English, Russian and German. After traveling extensively in South-East Asia, Europe, after living & working as a photographer in Los Angeles, she has now gravitated to Ibiza, an island of hippie-magic she always loved . . . 

Many couples choose to have an Ibiza wedding or event because of blue beaches, picturesque olive orchards, and the magic energy flowing on the salty-sweet breeze.  They want to celebrate the vibrancy of life on one of the most beautiful islands on the planet. Masha is in love with Ibiza herself, and her artistic eye is devoted to capturing the essence of beauty unfolding on the isle, as it mingles with the souls of celebrants of immortal beauty.


Masha works worldwide, including Santorini, Greece; Bali, Indonesia; USA, India, Thailand, Germany, and has experience shooting in all types of environments, cultures and people. Wedding photos, bridal shoots, children & babies birthdays, family portraits fashion & glamor, Hollywood head shots and surprise engagements are among the many subjects Masha Kart enjoys photographing. Masha is willing to venture to any point on the globe to help make your special event an unforgettable one.

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Your baby is growing fast, so it is best to schedule an Ibiza family portrait shoot at least once a year to immortalize your beautiful child before they are grown. Masha loves babies! And she can make your baby and child look like a picture-perfect doll. With a great sense of humor and light attitude, she makes all family members (especially babies) feel comfortable and want to smile. And then she captures the perfect family moments with an artistic eye. Whether it be traditional birthday shoot in a home environment, or an impromptu candid shoot in a park or beach, Masha will capture those special smiling moments that make perfect pictures and sweet memories for your family photo album!

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